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I know you are but who am I?

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Who is the guy behind DayGlo Enterprises?  Search for Richard Dayton Schulte on Strathmore’s Who’s Who and Standford’s Who’s Who. Richard is the Owner of Dayton Global Enterprises Inc, an e-commerce drop shipping company offering a variety of products in the Home & Garden, Household & Organization, and Outdoor Sports Categories. Among the carefully selected range of products are outdoor playground equipment, backyard putting green kits and popular food smokers. With a Bachelors Degree in Music Composition & Theory, Applied Performance, and a Masters Degree in Music Composition & Theory both from the University of Kansas, Richard continued to gain a wide …

Childhood has gone high-tech. Maybe too much.

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Childhood has gone high-tech. Generations ago, kids would delight in playing pretend games like “house” and “cops and robbers,” but for most children today, video games and television shows have taken the place of imaginative play. Here’s one suggestion for how to play a pretend game with your child or children: Play “House.” One player is the mother, another is the father and others play babies or children. Let your kids pick their roles–they might want to be the parents while giving you the role of baby. The game is open-ended. Let them direct the story and decide how the …

Natural or artificial grass – the choice depends upon ….

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A backyard putting green installation enables a golfer to work on his short game at home in his spare time. A putting green can also be a recreational space, serving as the setting for putting games among family members and friends. Backyard putting greens can have a natural grass surface or an artificial grass surface. The natural grass putting green requires a great deal of landscaping effort – let alone mowing four or more times per week – while artificial putting greens are easier to install and require far less maintenance. Does this stimulate any ideas for you ? Did you like …

How to choose an outdoor playset

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I know families that have going been back and forth about buying a playset for quite awhile and even though they know that their kids would really benefit from the exercise they continue to weigh options. All too often they decide to hold off on buying as the financial commitment, though a valid investment, is still a big one. When shopping for outdoor playsets, it is important to remember that whatever material the playset is made of, it has to be able to withstand a variety of weather conditions.  Since most metals can easily rust after any normal rain or snow, …

How to qualify for the Master’s Golf Tournament

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The Masters golf tournament is arguably one of the four major tournaments in professional golf. Along with the U.S. Open, British Open and the PGA tournament, the Masters is among the most storied tournaments in golf. While there are some pro golfers that might give the nod to the U.S. Open as the tournament they wanted to win the most and a few others who favor the British Open, the Masters is the tournament that most top pros want to win before they call it a career. In order to win it, they must qualify. And: You could qualify if …

Create their play ground

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Creating a playground in a small yard takes planning. But once in place, a play area will provide your kids (or grandkids) with hours of exercise and more importantly, FUN! The best outdoor playsets don’t have to be gigantic. You can choose from a vast selection of swing-sets, slide sets, play towers and sandboxes that are big on fun, from small, medium and large in size. Consider size, materials, accessories, maintainability, price and safety before you buy play equipment. How much space will the play area require? What is the best material — plastic, wood or metal? Do you want …

Your backyard. Your play ground, too

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Putting greens at home in a game room or by your pool are the fun way to enjoy your favorite leisure sport on your own time. There are quite a few options for your own home putting green installation: There are roll out putting greens for your office or you could buy your own chipping mat for home or for practice while traveling.  Putting installation kits come in a variety of sizes and option – from 2 holes, to 3 holes or 4 holes.  Whether indoors or outdoors is your installation choice, either way you’ll have a lot of fun! Did you like this? …

Kids Outdoor Playsets let you Sleep better

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Kids outdoor playsets are the answer to your prayers for getting your kids to bed on time and sleeping through the night.  Why?  With their very own outdoor playset – available 24/7 – they can play until their energy reserves are all used up ! Then (and at long last) they can drop into bed and sleep all night long!!  And the very best news of all is that you’ll get a better night’s rest, too!  So you can rest assured that old-school parenting and back-to-basics hands-on play really does work for the entire family! Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

Why not a new approach.

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Why not look at a different approach for golf putting?  Putting has to do with accuracy and accuracy takes practice. A putting green installation in your own backyard (or even a roll out putting mat in your game room) will do wonders to help you, an avid golfer, towards achieving perfection of your short game.  Backyard putting green kits are the solution for the golfing enthusiast. “Pelz Greenmaker” putting green kits are a top quality product line with strong customer satisfaction and a loyal following.  We’ve enjoyed their golf green installations while VRBO’ing in Palm Springs and Las Vegas. Did …

The Art of Play Time

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Madeleine L’Engle (author of “A Wrinkle in Time”) said, “My work is real work, and real work is play, not drudgery.” Children learn best when exploring by active play.  And the best active play time happens outdoors in the sunshine with the best outdoor playsets available.  Outdoor Playsets come as kits and are readily available for online ordering.  Installation is made as easy as possible given years of customer feedback. The people from Gorilla Playsets have a long history of perfecting their product line and their customer satisfaction is proof as to their success and longevity.     Did you like this? …