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Best in class

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All Gorilla™ wood swing sets are constructed of the highest quality grade wood, which is guaranteed naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insect damage.  Plus, unlike other pre-cut and pre-packaged wooden swing sets, Gorilla™ incorporates solid framing and all-bolt construction, heavy-duty swing belts, accessories and slides.  All of their components provide maximum stability, longevity, quality and safety. All of these facts added together to their sum makes the Gorilla™ brand  outdoor wooden playsets the heaviest duty and best-valued pre-milled kits on the  market. Take a look at our variety of options and pricings of the best in class backyard playground equipment …

The Basic Variety is here

No Comments 21 Jun 9:29 am Author: Richard Category:Best Outdoor, Outdoor Sports and Camping, Playsets has the best backyard playground equipment options that you will really need to make your kids’ backyard play even more fun! So take a few minutes to explore our excellent selection of playsets featuring an excellent variety of options along with a range in pricings which include outdoor playsets, swing sets, and playhouses.  All are available right here online. We’re a small business who cares and will commit to bring you all the basic outdoor play equipment you want — at excellent savings. Find your family’s great outdoor fun at great prices with Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

New Age meets Old School

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According to the CDCP (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), it’s estimated that 17 percent (or more) of children and adolescent BMI (Body Mass Index) is far too high. These statistics are in large part due to the lack of time kids spend playing outdoors. A high body mass index increases the possibility of life altering health conditions that will undoubtedly shorten life expectancy by several years. Some of the illnesses associated with high BMIs include diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and high cholesterol. When children play outside, they are far more likely to maintain a healthy weight …

Affordable Wood Outdoor Playsets

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Wooden Swing Sets at Affordable Prices Gorilla™ ready-to-assemble swing sets are designed for quick assembly. These swing sets are economically priced, pre-boxed and ready to assemble. Their “T-nut” construction makes home assembly simple and safe using common household tools. These wooden outdoor playsets include all pre-cut, pre-sanded and pre-drilled lumber as well as all the required hardware, accessories,  with well written, detailed instructions in order to assemble the unit quickly.  Your Gorilla™ play set will arrive ready to assemble. The assembly instructions include a step-by-step 3-D illustrations. These are noted as the Best-Valued Pre-Boxed, Pre-Milled Wooden Swing Sets in the Marketplace.. …

Indoor Golf Practice

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For golfing enthusiasts — and especially those of you that live in the midwest or east — seasonal weather conditions do not allow as much outdoor golf putting practice as could be desired.  So, during cool or down right cold seasons or when there isn’t time to practice outdoors having access to indoor putting greens is an excellent alternative. Indoor golf putting, and swing drills do not necessarily require any specific equipment or golf gadgets however an indoor outdoor putting green will definitely enhance your ability to practice more frequently. Just bear in mind three simple points when putting. 1. …

Smokin’ Love

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Heads Up to all Foodies !! Do you want to find the best food smoker for your needs? Today’s TOPIC is … “How to Buy A Smoker.” Look up the “Smoker Buying Guide” website: This website is a wonderful resource for anyone who is seriously considering the purchase of a home barbecue food smoker.  You could smoke meat on a gas or charcoal grill (with varied results) … however, to get the very best results you will need an appliance designed for “low and slow” cooking. So check out the guide….its a great way to get educated on best bbq …

4 basic decision points.

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Having your own home putting green in your back yard is a luxury. Avid golfers, with plenty of money to share and spare, can practice putting in the comfort and tranquility of their own home. Having the money to install home practice putting green is just the first step. Golfers must also decide where the putting green will be located, who will build it, and who will handle the responsibility for maintenance.  Speaking of maintenance, there’s the fundamental decision about whether  your backyard putting green should have natural grass or artificial turf.  That decision has a long term impact on …


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What is the most important factor for a family to consider when choosing an wooden outdoor playset? Most parents think of cost first. However, I’d recommend first thinking about where the set will go and who it is for. While cost is important and all of us have budgets to work within, and keeping budget as a baseline, it’s also important to know where you will place the set.  If you have a yard with a limited amount of flat space for a playset and its surrounding play area, that will determine which sets really doable for your yard.  It …

Good Housekeeping Backyard Playset advice.

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Here’s some important safety advice from the Good Housekeeping Research Institute about wise purchasing, installing and usage of backyard playground equipment. Be sure there are guard rails for play surfaces and platforms higher than 2.5 feet. Choose from backyard playsets with clear manufacturer instructions about safe usage, installation, anchoring and maintenance. Look for playsets with lightweight swing seats, like those made of flexible rubber or soft plastic. Hard seats in motion can collide with children and cause traumatic bodily injuries. Grass and dirt aren’t enough to protect children during a fall. Cover the area under and around your swing set …


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— As recently proclaimed by “” — Of all the “Lazy-Q” electric smoker appliances the Bradley Food Smokers are the best. A Bradley refrigerator style bbq smoker is thermostatically controlled and can hot smoke as well as cold smoke. You get a wide variety of smoking options out of their smoker appliances. Smoke is created by burning wood disks called “bisques” which are added to the unit by a controlled mechanism. You can adjust how much or how little smoke you desire plus you don’t have to tend to any fires. In fact once set up, you can leave it …