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Seriously; Do you?

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When your kids are using playground equipment, do you  … ? …. Watch them while playing on backyard playground equipment? …. Make sure the ground surface underneath the playground equipment is energy absorbent? …..Check to see if the swing seats are soft, not wood or metal. …..Make sure they  do not twist their swings or walk in front of moving swings. …..Make sure the playset is on a level surface and well anchored into the ground. …..Check to be certain that all screws and bolts are capped. …..Remember to check for rusty, or sharp parts. Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

Speed is not just Sandra’s break-out movie

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Which is more important in golf putting: Speed or break? Of course being great at both is the goal, but the greatest golfers usually go on the record saying that speed is the more important of the two. If your putting speed is strong and fast, then there’s a greater likelihood that the ball will make the hole. With speed control, you ought at least to be left with a manageable second put when the first one doesn’t go in the hole. However if your speed is off, you’ll come up short and balls left short never go in the hole …

API scores

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Nature-Smart Kids Get Higher Test Scores.  These kids have higher APIs … and regular play time on outdoor playground equipment helps! The American Institutes for Research® conducted a study, submitted to the California Department of Education, on the influence of residential outdoor education programs. The focus was on at-risk youth, 56% of whom reported never having spent any time in a natural setting. These kids were compared with students who experienced the outdoor education program. The results were statistically significant. Major findings were: 27% increase in measured mastery of science concepts; enhanced cooperation and conflict resolution skills; gains in self- esteem; gains in …

Benefit & Risk analysis

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Explore with your kids and experience the great outdoors and nature. Of course, some “risk analysts” have published articles about the “Associated Risks and Benefits”:  There’s a new publication from the Children & Nature Network in a joint effort with the Commission on Education and Communication (@ Get your kids outdoors playing on outdoor or backyard playground equipment in a natural green space setting. There is a strong case for the importance of children’s and youth’s connections with nature. Evidence recently published covers the basics (of unstructured outdoor play in nature).  Such as: 1) Children’s experiences of the outdoors and nature, …

Concord: Not just a fast out-of-commission Jet

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The Sudbury Valley Trustees, from the Concord, Assabet and Sudbury river basin of Massachusetts, is a regional land trust dedicated to conserving land and protecting wildlife habitat.  Lately they have been searching for better access and parking in their (Gowing) swamp and bog, an 8.9-acre acidic wetland complex named after Henry David Thoreau and located in a protected, glaciated hollow adjacent to Ripley. They are planning to build a new “Playscape”  that will include a woodland path connecting to  a path leading to the Sudbury Valley Trustee’s entrance to the loop trail at Gowing’s Swamp. The Concord Children’s Center is one …

Why do caged birds sing?

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I think they sing because they have to do something to mark their time … but we digress …  Following is a putting drill often called “The Cage”: It’s Difficulty is considerate moderate and it only requires one player (but more are always an option). It involves at least 3 successive putts (per player) at a distance of at least 12 feet. First, be advised to check the speed of the practice putting green in order to match up to an appropriate backswing. Set up a ‘cage’ with some blocks (…Books will work). Aim to putt inside the cage without hitting it. Vary the …

This next Fall.

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Researchers at the University of Western Ontario will resume a study next Fall in which they plant GPS on elementary school children in Ontario, Canada.  Why oh why?  This is a concerted effort to understand how their environment influences their activity levels. The study (in its first phases) is the largest of its kind in Canada. It aims to explore factors at school and in the surrounding community. Its primary goal is to help researchers understand why some kids (who live less than a mile away) get rides to school (every day!).  The information will be used to make meaningful …

Dr.Try this

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While at home in your backyard or on one of  your favorite golf putting greens, Develop muscle memory for varying velocities on different practice putting greens at differing distances. Before every putting drill, remember to bare these steps in mind:  1. Assess the green’s surface speed prior to selecting a distance for practice 2. Determine your best backswing length per the distance and green speed 3. Start your putt using this backswing length 4. Add or remove length to your backswing until you find the length that matches your style. 5. Fully extend the GSR for proper alignment of your putt and …

Connecticut and Big Brother

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The tragic event in Connecticut has hit us all hard.  Our family is made up of six kids – ages 12 to 3 – and 4 of them are from 7 years to 3 years  We’ve received emails from all of their (5) principals (yes, from five schools, six kids) advising how to communicate the facts and how to handle any possible fear and grieving, not only for the loss of lives, but for the loss of innocence to all. Laughter and eagerness for life ought to be their childhood memories. At no other time is this more obvious than …

From Essex to us

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Per a study at the University of Essex (UK), Jules Pretty and colleagues focused upon children’s outdoor behavior and found two very basic conceptual pathways —(one healthy and one unhealthy)—.  Both are critical in shaping our lives and our life outcomes. On the healthy pathway, people are active, connected to people and society, engage with natural places, and eat healthy foods. As a result these people tend to live longer and have a far better quality of life. On the unhealthy pathway, people are inactive, disconnected from people and society, do not engage with natural places, eat unhealthy foods, and …