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Gorilla Playsets are Premium Wooden outdoor playsets at Affordable Prices! Gorilla’s ready-to-assemble swing sets are designed for the customer who wants to buy today and build this afternoon. These economically priced swing sets come pre-boxed, pre-cut and ready-to-assemble. The T-nut construction of these wooden swing set kits makes home assembly simple and safe, using common household tools. Gorilla Playsets include all the pre-cut, pre-sanded and pre-drilled lumber needed, as well as all the required hardware, accessories, slides and instructions needed to assemble the set. Your Gorilla swing set will arrive ready to assemble! It comes with everything you need to make your home assembly easy, …

Childhood memory

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Maybe you (like me) grew up playing on a cheap metal swing set (that wasn’t even anchored properly) – you know the type – where the legs would tip up out of the ground when you swung too high. Then, some of us have fond childhood memories of a next-door-neighbor who had the nicest backyard swing set in town, with multiple forts, a spiral slide, glider swings and a rope ladder. Whichever experience  – or neither – backyard playground equipment provides hours of fun for kids, and often becomes a refuge for free playtime. You want your kids to have the …

WoodBridge: Gorilla Outdoor Play set

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The Woodbridge outdoor playset comes to your family from Gorilla Outdoor Playsets and is really a COLOSSAL OUTDOOR PLAYSET! It has a wood roof playhouse with chimney, dormers, sunbursts and working windows, clatter bridge with canopy and connecting tower, 2 swings, trapeze bar, wave slide, tube slide, entry ladder, climbing rope ladder, rock wall with rope, large picnic table, sandbox, and 5 added accesories! Simply put:  It is SUPER FUN for  kids …. and for parents, it’s fun to look at … ! Parents can rest assured that all Gorilla Outdoor Playsets are made from high quality factory stained and sealed Cedar that …

Neighborhoods come together

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Neighborhood kids need to join each other in their own backyards and near by parks instead of plopping in front of a T.V. or computer screen!  Most any parent of a grade school aged boy is probably familiar with their fondness for games of killing alien invaders and bashing virtual wrestlers or just watching sitcom reruns. There’s tons of  fun waiting for them outdoors. Most of the kids outdoor games require nothing but a few enthusiastic children. More kids is always better.  The best investment parents can make ?  Well it  ranges from buying a box of chalk, some markers, some …

Backyard Again

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Playing outdoors will help kids develop strong muscles and a cheerful disposition. One of the outdoor playground equipment options that children enjoy is a playground slide. It is fun to see children taking turns on a playground slide.  There is something about going up the ladder of the playground slide and letting gravity, inch by inch, pull you down the playground slide. For kids, going up and down the playground slide is never tiring. The wind rushing through the kid’s hair accompanied by the thrill of sliding down the ground unscathed is an exhilarating experience. Children love a playground slide so …

Natural stress relief

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Nature reduces stress in children A research paper, dated ten years ago, by Nancy Wells (Cornell assistant professor), studied rural children and found that – even a view of nature – green plants and vistas —helped to reduce stress – even among highly stressed children. Further, the more plants, green views and access to natural play areas, the more positive the results. Access to outdoor playground equipment placed in natural green settings is very beneficial for childrens’ mental health as well as their physical and emotional development. Reference : Wells, N.M., and Evans, G.W. “Nearby Nature: A Buffer of Life Stress Among …

3G of Decline

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As part of the international interest for nature conservation, the European country of Denmark conducted a poll to investigate how recent past three generations of Danes experienced nature. A representative sample of 1,000 parents of 5- to 12- year-old children and 1,000 adults between 55 and 70 years of age answered a series of questions about their or their children/grandchildren’s use of natural space and attitudes toward nature. In this report, Paltved-Kaznelson presents many interesting findings, highlighting the following:   The majority of parents agreed that it’s important for their children to learn about nature and that it is healthy for children …

Experience counts

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Youth participation in outdoor activities is lowering.  This has been noted since 2006 by research dated 2009. In 2009, The Outdoor Foundation conducted a nationwide survey of over 41,000 individuals between the ages of 6 and 25. In this report, a number of key findings were outlined, including the following: 59% of 6- to 24 year-olds participated in outdoor recreation (defined as having taken part in one or more of 40 activities at least once during 2008).  (Availability of outdoor playground equipment can improve this statistic) Youth participants made up 34% of all outdoor recreation participants. Participation in outdoor recreation was highest among …

Best in Class Outdoor Playset

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A backyard playset will be a sure-fire hit in your hood. If you choose one of the “SUN PALACE” Swing Sets (by Gorilla Playsets), not only does this best in category outdoor playset receive the strong customer satisfaction feedback you need to hear, it gives back to parents by delivering priceless peace of mind watching their kids and their kids’ friends having fun in the safety and comfort of your own backyard! If you’re a fan of  old-school outdoor play time there’s nothing better than owning a great play set,  available 24/7 . Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

UV protection built in

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We have a selection of affordable play sets to fit your family’s budget. If you’re looking for a box office hit, the new 2013 SUN CLIMBER outdoor playset series is an affordable option to explore.  The SUN CLIMBER series is a great value from the people at Gorilla Outdoor Playsets.   That’s in part because the SUN CLIMBER series has built-in Sun Protection from SUNBRELLA !  If you have young children, nothing surpasses owning a great outdoor play set for your backyard. So take a look: The  SUN CLIMBER outdoor playset models are superior outdoor playsets to get you started!  Did you like this? Share …