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Backyard Play Sets, playsets outdoor

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Our play sets often have towers that add style and decor to any backyard complete with unique wooden rooves or Sunbrella awnings. Our outdoor playsets slides come with an excellent warranty for endless fun. Some of our backyard play sets even have upper and lower decks for double the coverage for play space and creative play time. Playsets with extra wide rock walls will help your kids strengthen their upper bodies Your little ones can soar high on 1 or  2 (or more) swings or flip on the ring/trapeze bar. At all of our Gorilla Outdoor Playsets meet or exceeds ASTM safety standards (for backyard …

We make it easy to choose Outdoor Playsets

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Outside playground equipment, play sets, and outdoor playsets go together, hand-in-hand, like children and play time. At you will find wood play sets, with a great variety of kids’ slides, backyard playsets along with essential (and desirable) accessories to help finish your backyard playground set up. The right play sets will provide you and your family years of fun! At we are happy to offer new outdoor Play Sets for 2013 at the lowest MSRP prices with low flat shipping or FREE Shipping included.  Compare our check out price with the Big Box retailers (who add shipping etc later) …

Handyman guide for installing outdoor play sets

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Need help with the installation of your new outdoor playsets? At , we realize you may prefer to hire a professional to install your new play sets. So to help you out, we have researched and accumulated a nationwide state by state list of independent outdoor play sets installation companies to make your selection process easier. To see the list click on our new Category listing:   Play Sets State-by-State Installation Professsionals The following States Below have recommended installation experts.  Some will even travel to adjacent states if needed :  Alabama Arizona California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Illinois …

Recommendations for Play Sets, outdoor playsets

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Be careful parents – don’t buy play sets on an impulse! We realize that’s the American way. How do we know?  We’ve been there as parents! With six kids ranging from ages 12 to 3 years,  we’ve managed to learn our lessons – repeatedly. Don’t make the common impulse buy mistake.  Parents consider the following before you check out: Where will I put  our new outside playground equipment and what is required to prepare the site? Who are the experts to install  playsets outdoor and how much time or cost will be involved? What are the best materials for play sets for safety and …


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The TREASURE TROVE DELUXE play sets are Top-of-the-Line, undeniably awesome Outdoor Playsets that comeswith all the stuff your kids want, at a price your budget can survive, including low flat shipping your budget can happily live with!! This is a deluxe model i the great Gorilla Playsets series of outdoor play sets and one of the best all-around outdoor playsets in the Outside Playground Equipment category, made by Gorilla Outdoor Playsets ! Playsets Outdoor – TREASURE TROVE DELUXE – Premium Features Include : Dimensions: 19’W x 13’H x 27’6″D 1st Level Platform – 4’ x 6’ Height – 5’ 2nd Level Platform – 2.5’ x 6’ Height – 7’ Wiki Wave Slide™ Radical Ride 7’ Tube Slide …

Play sets and outside playground equipment for families

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Shop for Outdoor Playsets at : We have carefully selected outdoor play sets from Gorilla Outdoor Playsets and priced them (…including the lowest flat shipping costs)  to save you money and time! Buy the very best outside playground equipment and essential swing set accessories at the very best price.  We won’t be beaten by the Big Box retailers for price and customer service,  so do not be fooled! Compare their checkout price with ours and we think that you will cancel their check out in favor of ours.  \ If their final check out price beats ours, please email me at …

Play Sets, Outdoor Playsets, Recommendation for starters

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There are numerous problems involved with the purchase and installation of play sets.  Parents usually just see outdoor playsets at one of the big box stores, or via their online stores. The price looks reasonable so they often buy play sets on impulse. That’s the American way. Don’t make that mistake!   Rarely do parents consider the following: Where will I put the swing set and what is required to prepare the site? Who will install the swing set and how much time or cost will be involved? What are the best materials for safety and low maintenance? What parts of the swing set …

Do You Need a Fall Surface Under Play Sets?

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Here’s a questions often raised regarding installing outdoor playsets: “Do we  really need to put a fall surface under outdoor play sets? I have several friends who just have their play sets installed directly on the grass in the backyard.” Installing additional padding under your play sets might seem like a costly waste.  After all, sand, pea gravel, various mulches, and rubber padding can really add up and put an extra dent in your wallet that you may not have budgeted for. A fall surface is simple insurance.  Of course, some people don’t use it, and by sheer luck, no …

Residential outside playground equipment

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Welcome to Dayton Global Enterprises, Certified Dealer of backyard play sets specializing in Gorilla Playsets and Gorilla outdoor play systems. For over 20 years Gorilla outdoor playsets have been providing safe and exciting backyard playsets for family residential backyard playgrounds. Our extensive outdoor playset equipment ranges include both wood play sets suitable for toddlers,  as well middle school through to teenagers. Fast shipping on premium wood playsets and swing set accessories. These wood playset kits are the safest and best valued, ready to assemble swing sets available,  on the market today! Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

So many outdoor playsets

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There are so many brands and models of outdoor play sets to choose from that you need to take a number of factors into consideration. For example, price, size and configuration, quality, safety, suitability to the terrain, as well as the size and aesthetics of your yard. And don’t forget the most important consideration: you want outside playground equipment that will make your kids happy.  Selecting just the right play system to suit your needs can be a dizzying experience. At  we have the expertise to assist you in making a choice you will be happy with for years to …