Active Kids have better immunity

Active kids enjoy important  health benefits, because:

  • Exercise stimulates blood flow to all of the body’s tissues …. including the brain!
  • Better blood flow delivers more oxygen and vital nutrients to their body’s cells.
  • Active children improve their ability to absorb oxygen via engaged activity outdoors.
  • Due to the increased oxygen they are trully more energized. More oxygen directly equates to more energy!
  • Better blood flow promotes the body’s transportation of the by-products of metabolism and toxins back from the cells for elimination, recycling, and better use everywhere.
  • Children who exercise are generally healthier and more energized because their body has an enhanced ability to detoxify.
  • Active children sweat more which part of detoxification and they breathe better. Breathing and sweating are perhaps the best ways to detoxify the body and keep it running clean.  Like my mom used to say – “road miles are better than city miles” –
  • Children increase their over-all fitness through exercise.

For pre-pubescent children perhaps the best way to get them exercise is via fun outdoor activity.  Having your own backyard playground equipment will go a long way to helping achieve that goal.  Take a look online to view some excellent options in adventure playsets.

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