Are you sure to make a solid contact?

What can be done to improve hitting the golf ball with a solid follow-through?  For one thing, some intelligent insight combined with practice.

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How you make contact with the golf ball is key to your success at scoring. Most missed putts are caused by too-slow of a tempo, coupled with hesitation at impact, complicated by a too short followthrough. All of this can result in off-center hits, improper face angle and twisting of the putter head.

If you have a standard heel-toe putter, you’re lucky.  To improve tempo and contact with the putter use what’s often called the “toe putt”.  This means gripping the putter on the side of the grip and putting the ball with the toe pointing at the ball. As you try this, the point isn’t so much to see how many putts you can make. Instead, practicing the toe putt helps you make a more pronounced impact with the ball and a followthrough that’s directed toward the target,  like hammering a nail into a board.  After a few tries, go back to the standard way of putting. You’ll instantly feel as though finding and hitting the sweet spot on your putter is a lot easier.

There’s another use for the toe-putt:  If you find your ball up against the fringe or rough, using the toe-putt technique can help pass the putter through the thicker grass and make better contact with the ball.  The toe-putt might be the shot to help you score a birdie or, at worst, two-putt for an easy par.


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