According to recent research studies, approximately 70% of babies in the USA develop a secure attachment. Some child development experts say this number is declining.

The remaining 30% of babies born in the USA are said to have some form of insecure attachment.  Insecurely attached children are at more risk of experiencing anxiety, insecurity, behavioral problems, and relationship difficultes throughout their lifetimes.  In contrast, a secure attachment supports the child’s development of trust, confidence, empathy and self‐regulatoon (the ability to manage difficult emotions and control impulses)—important qualities for getting along in a social world. In addition, recent studies of brain development have demonstrated a strong connection between secure attachment and a host of mental processes–including verbal reasoning, planning, working memory, and problem solving–that fall under the umbrella term executive function.

Bond with your baby from the beginning.  Take them outdoors to the park or simply play games in your backyard.

Outdoor playground equipment is useful for making bonding fun – simply swinging, sliding, watching, & talking together.

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