BiMoto Style vs Gangnam Style

Being of the unconventional type myself,  I found the article on the “Bi-Moto” approach to perfecting your putting technique very interesting.

Thinking outside the box – which I always appreciate – often proves to be enlightening.

The Bi-Moto method is especially great for golf beginners because …..

it is designed especially as a life-saver for all new players to use with confidence”.

For more information, read:

While you’re considering this approach also take a look at some backyard putting green kits.

For some different fun watch:

Here’s an excerpt from BiMoto tips :

The trick … is to use a little momentum from all 3 of the following body parts:
1. Your right leg pushing, plus
2. Your upper body movement, plus
3. Your push motion of the hands.

If all three motions are happening at the time you begin to release your disc,then it makes for extremely good power( with little effort) and greater accuracy for max distance. It is just a timing thing that is worth working out.

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