Choose wisely. Maintain wisely.

It’s important to assemble your play set on relatively level ground while maintaining a safety zone around your outdoor playset.

All Gorilla Outdoor Playsets swing beams are designed to accommodate un-level yards and assist with a level installation. Ideally, any stationary component such as a fort, ladder, slide, or rock wall should be no less than six feet from any structure or obstruction such as a fence, tree, electrical wires or house.

Choose the most sensible ground cover for your dedicated play area.

You have many options for ground cover, for example: wood chips, sand, pea-gravel, or rubber mulch. You may also choose to just place your playset directly on the grass of artificial turf. Grass is not the ideal cover for safest play, but it’s common.  Never place outdoor play sets on concrete or asphalt, regardless if you add any of the above listed ground covers

Periodic tightening of nuts and bolts will insure safety for your children when at play.  Annual “tune-ups” for your play set are highly recommended.  Please contact your dealer to inquire about Service Programs and qualified installers in your area. By doing so, your investment is sure to last a lifetime!

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