Consistency & Distance

Aim for your putt’s distance to be controlled by the length of your stoke.  Maintain a smooth rhythm to each stroke, i.e. without any bursts of power.

By extending your putt’s distance you should consistently get within 3 feet of the hole on long putts.   Use the following drill at your favorite practice putting greens.

  • Begin by laying 3 clubs around the hole so they form a opening and they are about a club lenght away from the hole.The hole should be about way between the 2 clubs that are not touching.
  • Start to take roughly ten practice putts from ten feet from the hole.
  • Your goal is to get all the putts either in the hole or inside the cage but not touching any of the clubs.
  • Practicing this drill will help in your decision making when determining distance and get you in the habit of applying enough speed so you do not come up short.
  • Keep in mind that if you do miss you will be only left with a very short putt.
  • Your objective is to get all the putts in the hole or inside the cage but not touching any of the three clubs.

Practice from Further Out:  Repeat the entire putting drill,  practicing farther away  (by 20 feet…)  Continue practicing until you get all 10 balls inside the cage.

Your goal is to become consistent at each level of distance.

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