Do You Need a Fall Surface Under Play Sets?

Here’s a questions often raised regarding installing outdoor playsets:

“Do we  really need to put a fall surface under outdoor play sets? I have several friends who just have their play sets installed directly on the grass in the backyard.”

Installing additional padding under your play sets might seem like a costly waste.  After all, sand, pea gravel, various mulches, and rubber padding can really add up and put an extra dent in your wallet that you may not have budgeted for.

A fall surface is simple insurance.  Of course, some people don’t use it, and by sheer luck, no one gets hurt.  However, I know from experience in the E.R. (staples in the scalp, stitches on the eye and knees),  this is insurance I am happy to invest in.  I mean, when accidents happen, they really happen. Why put your child at risk?

We recommend using a fall surface under your outdoor playsets in order to prevent hurtful falls for your kids and their friends.

Rubber Mulch for Outdoor Play Sets is our recommended choice for protection. Rubber Mulch meets CPSC Guidelines and is ASTM F1292 compliant :

rubber much playground swing sets

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