Family ties, Social aptitude

Experts in human development have stressed the importance of strong family bonds.

Bonding begins in infancy. An infant’s attachment is a powerful relatonship that forms between a child and his / her primary caregivers in the very first months of life.

Psychiatrist John Bowlby was the first to describe a theory of attachment which spans more than just the first months of life.  Bowlby was the first to describe attachment theory (50+ years ago) calling it a “lasting psychological connectedness between human beings“.

Time is fleeting.  Parents with grown children know all too well the measure of their success as parents.  Some are great parents and some literally drop the ball and fail.

One essential component for all children is the basic human need for free time to play and explore – bonding with each other,  without you hovering (i.e. helicoptoring) overhead – as well as playing and bonding with you.  The truth is that children who have a balance of fun and exploration combined with thoughtful and patient parenting turn out well in later life.

Here are some ideas for younger children involving outdoor fun:  outdoor playsets, play sets, playsets outdoor.

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