Happy Gilmore: Basic Instinct

There a lot of professionals (of a wide variety of interests and professions) who have been “over taught“.  Maybe you know one or two?

Consider Golfers for example:  In an effort to keep their back elbow close to their body  (to create extension and) to hit the ball from the inside, these over taught individuals position the club too far into the inside on their backswing. This position is distorted and a very difficult  one to recover a good follow through.  This causes  a number of unnecessary compensations.

Luckily:  The solution is straightforward, instinctual and intuitive.  Keep those toes straight in line with the ball and its target, remain steadfastly calm, strong and steady, then strike the ball making a quick, firm contact.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Practicing at home helps too.  Look at our great selection of backyard putting green kits for the best options available on the market, based on your budget and how avid a golfer you really are.

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