Jumping Jack Splat

Here’s a fun game commonly named “Jumping Jack”.   My kids call it “Jumping Jack Splat” .  

They like to play this while the younger kids use our backyard playground equipment

Primary Age Group: 8-12 years

Game Objective: In this kids outdoor game the kids have to dodge the jumping and bouncing balls.

Game Learning:  Alertness, attention & physical agility, flexibility.

No. of Players:  Probably at least 3 kids.

Materials Required:

    • 3 soft bouncy balls.
    • A flat & clear surface.

How to Play:

    • Create an area with some sort of markers. The area should be large enough to freely move.
    • Form at least 2 teams. For example: “Dodgers” & “Bouncers”.  Or better yet, let them give themselves a team name.
    • Team 1 will move inside the circle and spread out evenly.
    • Team 2 will stand outside the area in order to gather the jumping bouncy balls.
    • Give 3 bouncy balls to Team 2. (Number of balls will depend on the number of players per team. 3 balls are ideal for a team of 5 bouncers)
    • When the game starts Team 2 will try to tag the  Team 1 in their area by throwing the balls to them at one bounce (not directly)
    • If a ball hits Team 1, that player will be “Out” of the circle.
    • Mission is to tag all of Team 1 out of the area.
    • Team 2 will have to position themselves around the area in such a manner that they throw as well as rebound the stray bouncy ball with minimum running around.
    • Once all of Team 1 is Out, teams will swap roles.




My Tip :



  • Fix the time limit and start a contest. Which teams “Bounces Out” the other at the earliest.
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