Halloween outdoor party game: Goop-Scoop Surprise

All you need to do:

1. Carve out a pumpkin, but put the pumpkin seeds and goop back inside of it.
2. Blindfold one kid at a time and have them reach in and grab out some messy seeds. Have small paper cups ready with each child’s name on it. Put their ‘goop’ in the cup.
3. After each child takes their turn, have each one count out their seeds.
4. Whoever has the most seeds wins a prize. (All the children get some sort of  a prize for playing –and the winner gets an additional small prize)

Tip #1:  Games like this are fun if they are done behind a screen or door — sothe kids don’t see what they’ll be doing. This gives the game an element of surprise and always tickles little ones.

Tip #2:  Some kids may not want to play group games all at once so have your outdoor playground equipment ready to keep them engaged and active.

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