Capture a Flag to win

Here’s another favorite game to play outdoors or around your backyard playground equipment.  Remember this game? 

CAPTURE THE FLAG   -Begin with two teams. 

Team 1 has the front yard or the north side/ west side of a chosen yard area.

Team 2 has the back yard or the south side / east side of a chosen yard area …. I.E. a field is divided between two teams. 

The teams are given a time period, say 2-5 minutes, to hide their flag in their own area of the yard.  

Once the flag is hidden, a designated referee (i.e. parent or baby-sitter) calls out that the game can begin.

The players try to capture the other teams flag.

If somebody gets caught and tagged by the opposite team on their area they must go to jail and can only be freed by a teammate who grabs them when their opponent isn’t looking. 

The first team to capture the flag wins.  In most versions of this game you have to bring (the opposing team’s) flag back to your side.

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