Go ahead: Bust my Balloon

Here’s a game thanks to  Stephanie from Maize, Kansas.   And it’s called …

“Popper Stomper” –  but my kids call it – “Bust my Balloon, Big Boy”: 

The Goal is to bust, pop or stomp  the other players’ balloons – all the while keeping your balloon in its original, pristeen condition.

This game is even more fun if you have backyard playground equipment to mix it up.

How it is done i.e. the Basic Rules: 

Players tie a string to the end of a balloon and then tie that string to their legs.

Players run around trying to stomp, bust, or pop each others balloon without getting their own popped.

The game works better if the playing field is on the smaller side like in your own backyard.  This helps keep the players from running too far away.

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