Practice drill for off-season and at home

Fall fades to winter fast so as we transition into the midwest and east coast reality of honest to God weather, and waiting to play golf again next spring, there’s a real opportunity (especially for those of you who live in the colder climates, plus those of you who get home from work too late to get out to the course for practice), to practice on your putting stroke in the comfort of a your home putting green.

A lot of golfers do not  want to make a change to their putting stroke during golf  season in case it ruins instead of improves their score. However,  we now have several months to perfect the putting stroke without worrying about score, focusing on making the correct stroke.

Set up two 3x2x4″ boards, standing them on the 2″ side so that I have a high wall on either side. The width is determined by the width of you putter, leaving only a very small margin of error on each side. The hole is supposed to be approximately 9-10 feet away. Tip: Don’t practice longer putts, as this will effect your feel for long putts during the ON season.

Making sure that your eyes are directly over the ball by holding the putter on the bridge of your nose thus insuring the shaft falls exactly and directly over the ball.

Your Goals for this drill:

  1. To get the putter head moving between the boards without touching
  2. To finish the stroke with the putter face still at 90 degrees to your intended line, as in picture #3

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