Practice makes it better!

Don’t be the average golfer.
Golf putting drills are not just for practicing the correct putting fundamentals but in fact are intended to develop your sense of feel and touch. The ultimate goal is to master distance, accuracy, consistency and develop your own tempo . Like any sport in order to improve it takes practice.

Golf putting is the most fundamental aspect in game of golf.  Not one professional has won a major tournament by putting poorly. As you know there is nothing more frustrating than playing a decent round of golf only to end the day with a lousy score because of the number of missed putts.

Make the most of your time on the practice putting green or at home on your own golf putting green and develop a routine with a purpose. Each golf putting drill you practice will be designed to help you with various aspects of your game. Although it is been said many times that putting accounts for most of the strokes in a game, average golfers will usually spend far less time practicing on their putting.  

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