PreK Prep A-B-Cs

Here’s a list of outdoor activities that parents can use to prepare their three, four or five year old for kindergarten.  Outdoor play ideas for young children are well served with easy access to outdoor playsets, and outside playground equipment.

Pre-K age children learn best through play, and all of these activities should be introduced playfully. Outdoor play sets are useful.  Remember that each child is unique. Some 4 year-olds will be ready for these physical activities right away. Others will be ready, according to their schedule.

Remember: Formal teaching comes later!

Physical Development of Large (i.e. “Core”) Muscles:

Encourage your child to:

Engage in enjoyment of outdoor play such as running, jumping, climbing, riding a tricycle, bouncing a ball, rolling down a gentle slope, etc.

Physical Development of Small (i.e. “Fine Motor”) Muscles

Encourage your child to:

    • Collect small treasures (leaves, twigs, feathers, rocks, shells, etc.) and collect them on a tray.
    • Plant seeds in small pots or in a garden, using age-appropriate tools. Use spritzbottles or small watering cans to keep the plants moist.
    • Use crayons to make leaf or tree-bark rubbings.
    • Use small gardening tools or sand play toys – beach toys, spoons, spritz bottles, shovels, hoses, etc.

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