3 Elements to help

3 basic elements for your practice putting greens

On the practice green, focus on three elements:

1. A square club-face at impact, turning those dreaded 6- to 8-footers into a strength and developing your lag putting skills (eliminating the other nightmare, three putting).

2. Flat Stroke –  Use the tee-coin drill to work on ensuring the face of your putter stays square to the target line. Pick a target and make a straight-line lead to the target by placing a coin between the ball and your target. Directly on the same line, place a tee in the ground 12 to 15 inches behind the ball. Take the putter back square until you strike the tee, then follow through so the head of the putter travels directly over the coin with a square face.

3. Continuous repetition of your putting stroke using these two extra aids will help remove any natural tendencies to bring the putter off line during the back swing.

This is also a great set-up to use when practicing single hand putting strokes. Try putting the first ball with only the right hand, the second ball with only the left hand, and the third with both hands, always with the focus solely on a square face.

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