Some basic terminology

We should have published these along time ago.  Better late than never.  Just for fun, you too are now in the inner circle. Use these terms while working out your short game at your nearest practice putting greens:

ace Hole in one.
address Position of body and feet prior to putt.
adventure golf Non-standard minigolf course, wide open fairways
air shot To swing & miss the ball, counted as a stroke
all square Match play: both golfers have same score.
back door Ball drops into hole after rolling around rim on the far side
back nine Holes 10 to 18.
bahnengolf German for miniature golf
ball of fame Ball manufactured in honor of a great performance
ball of shame Ball manufactured in honor of an awful performance.
banegolf Danish and Norwegian for miniature golf.
bangolf Swedish for miniature golf.
baseball grip Right pinkie is against left index finger and doesn’t overlap.
beton See betong.
betong Standard minigolf, devised in Switzerland by von Bongni.
birdie A score of one under par.
black score A poor score for a single round of minigolf.
blade The business end of the putter.
blue score Perfect or near-perfect score for a single round of minigolf.
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