Water balloon toss

Can you think of any better way for your kids to cool down on a hot sunny day than with an outdoor party game that gets them soaking wet ?

The object of this particular party game is to catch the water balloons … without popping them.  Having a water filled balloon burst in your hands is also really fun… and may end up seeming to be their key motivation.

All you’ll need:

More than 3 water-filled balloons

Rules – How to play:

Have the children pair-up  to form a line then have each pair stand a couple of feet apart facing each other.

The object of the game is to have kids throw the water balloon back and forth to their partner without it bursting. After each catch, the child who caught the balloon has to take a step back. The pair who still has an intact water balloon after everyone else’s has burst wins.

And to keep everybody happy we suggest access to some backyard playground equipment for those who don’t want to actively play a structured game.

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