What’s the difference?

So what is the difference between the Gorilla outdoor playsets “Big Skye” model series?  This article will highlight a few of the vast benefits of these playsets so you are knowledgeable about buying this brand and make a decision that is just right for your family.

First, you must explore Gorilla Playsets and see for yourself why this brand name is so famously incredible!  Gorilla Playsets manufactures a line up of towering value wooden swing sets called the Big Skye I and the Big Skye II.

These 2 styles are completed with their prize-winning protection-free, green coated fir support posts. Less maintenance, that is what the green coating means. The Big Skye’s are made from select cedar wood and with recessed hardware with bolt caps with wide and flat steps to the forts.

These play structures are huge with all the bells and whistles for making a magical playground in your own backyard. Gorilla Playsets has created a child’s play castle in the sky with a spotlight on safety. These awe-inspiring swing sets are gigantic in size and have features that kids want. These play sets are perfect for the larger family or for big backyards. Your kids will want to have all everyone they know over to have fun. The only difference between model I and model II is the slides. Big Skye I has two slides and Big Skye II has 3 slides and the third one is 14′ commercial grade scoop slide. Other than that, the play sets are the exactly the same features.

Standards features on both play sets are two towers, tube slide plus one wave slide which are both green. The fort looks like a playhouse with a charming chimney on top of the wood roof. Your children can climb up the rope ladder or the wood rock wall which has green plastic rocks that are used to move up the wall.

Your kids can safely go from tower 1 to tower 2 on this well-built set. Two playhouses are standard equipment. The larger fort has a play area of about 5’x5′ which is very appealing to kids size-wise. The 2nd fort is a littler smaller with a play area of about 2.5′ x 5′.


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