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Biophilic – Uuh?

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Had you heard the term “Biophilic”?   It caught our attention. According to a common encyclopedia: The biophilia hypothesis would indicate that there are instinctive bonds between human beings and other living systems. Edward O. Wilson introduced and popularized the hypothesis in his book, Biophilia (1984).[1] He defines biophilia as “the urge to affiliate with other forms of life”. This is new book by by Stephen R. Kellert, Judith H. Heerwagen, and Martin L. Mador has a title that is a mouthful  —-> Biophilic Design: The Theory, Science and Practice of Bringing Buildings to Life This new book contains a series of essays which examine the design …

Playsets Outdoor

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Having outdoor playsets available 24/7 allows your children to explore and develop naturally while having a lot of fun ! Usually it’s simply a matter of not having the right outside playground equipment for them having fun with outdoor play sets. Far too often, the busy lives of parents hinders their own kids from enjoying playground equipment in a public park. It is more practical and justifiable to invest in outdoor play sets for your own backyard. In the safety of their own backyard, parents can monitor what’s going on. After all the play sets are just a few feet away.  A parent …

Skyes’ the Limit

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New  for Spring, 2013,  from Gorilla outdoor playsets & our carefully selected wood play sets –  – GREAT SKYe I Supreme WG –   Our Special Low Introductory Price Includes a low Flat $79 for Shipping Costs !! This is one of the best kids playsets of the best outdoor play sets in the residential Outdoor Playground Equipment category, made exclusively by Gorilla Playsets !! This MEGA-FUN outdoor playset is new in 2013 in the outside playground equipment / swing sets category! This outdoor playset includes even more play items for the kids! It has 2 swings,1 trapeze bar, special glider swing that seats 2, Wiki Wave Slide™, Radical Ride Tube Slide™, rock wall with climbing rope, …

Spring is here!

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New outdoor playsets are alway the hit of the neighborhood. And if you purchase from the “Great Skye” Play Sets series by Gorilla Playsets, not only does this best in category playsets outdoor get the best kid and parent satisfaction feedback it will also give parents peace of mind watching their kids and their kids’ friends having so much fun right in the comfort of your own backyard! If you are into old-school play time then there’s nothing better than owning a great play set — Ever-ready 24/7 — in your own backyard. Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

Parents & Young Kids: Think outdoor playsets

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Whether they are outside enjoying the beautiful sky and fresh air or just trying to avoid doing house chores, their playtime can really be improved greatly with outside playground equipment. No parent will deny there’s something about the great outdoors that kids can’t resist outdoor play sets. When the weather outdoors is perfect, you’ll see kids making their way outdoors via the nearest exit. Since play sets provide hours of creative & active play,  your children can use their outdoor play sets all year long. Outdoor playsets are an asset for homes with any kind of yard space, no matter how …

Outside Playground Equipment & play sets

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No home is complete without outdoor playsets, or outside playground equipment (backyard play sets) – thanks to Gorilla Playsets. At we offer a comprehensive collection of outdoor play sets, wood play sets, and adventure playsets by Gorilla Outdoor Playsets. Your children will be engaged for hours clinmbing up and down play set ladders, playing hide and go seek in the play house, and screaming with joy while zooming down a tube slide. Supplement an outdoor play set with Melissa & Doug toys, like the Blossom Bright tote set that comes equipped with miniature plastic gardening tools. When the weather is too dreary to be outside, you can still enjoy quality playtime with our indoor equipment. Our …

Favorite play sets for your kids

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From Gorilla Play Sets & Backyard Play Sets  – TREASURE TROVE – These outdoor playsets are among the best outdoor playsets in the Outside Playground Equipment category made by Gorilla Outdoor Playsets ! Playsets Outdoor – TREASURE TROVE – Premium Features Include : 1st Level Platform – 5’ x 5’ Height – 5’ 2nd Level Platform – 2.5’ x 5’ Height – 7’ Clatter Bridge and Tower Safe Entry Ladder Extreme Wave Slide Radical Ride Tube Slide Swing Beam Positions – 3 Swing Belts – 2 Trapeze Swing Glider Swing (Bonus Item) Rock Wall with Climbing Rope Deluxe Rope Ladder Large Picnic Table Sandbox with Mesh Sandbox Cover Bonus Sandbox under Tower Steering Wheel, 2 Telescopes, …

Backyard Play Sets, playsets outdoor

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Our play sets often have towers that add style and decor to any backyard complete with unique wooden rooves or Sunbrella awnings. Our outdoor playsets slides come with an excellent warranty for endless fun. Some of our backyard play sets even have upper and lower decks for double the coverage for play space and creative play time. Playsets with extra wide rock walls will help your kids strengthen their upper bodies Your little ones can soar high on 1 or  2 (or more) swings or flip on the ring/trapeze bar. At all of our Gorilla Outdoor Playsets meet or exceeds ASTM safety standards (for backyard …

Handyman guide for installing outdoor play sets

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Need help with the installation of your new outdoor playsets? At , we realize you may prefer to hire a professional to install your new play sets. So to help you out, we have researched and accumulated a nationwide state by state list of independent outdoor play sets installation companies to make your selection process easier. To see the list click on our new Category listing:   Play Sets State-by-State Installation Professsionals The following States Below have recommended installation experts.  Some will even travel to adjacent states if needed :  Alabama Arizona California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Illinois …

Recommendations for Play Sets, outdoor playsets

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Be careful parents – don’t buy play sets on an impulse! We realize that’s the American way. How do we know?  We’ve been there as parents! With six kids ranging from ages 12 to 3 years,  we’ve managed to learn our lessons – repeatedly. Don’t make the common impulse buy mistake.  Parents consider the following before you check out: Where will I put  our new outside playground equipment and what is required to prepare the site? Who are the experts to install  playsets outdoor and how much time or cost will be involved? What are the best materials for play sets for safety and …