Naturally, nature.

Basic truth: Nature is good for children and their parents:
In the past 30 years, lifestyle changes have morphed with invasive and detrimental effects on our children.
Obesity, ADHD (Attention Hyper-Active Deficit Disorder), impaired social skills and even what some are calling a “culture of depression” are adding to family stress levels and seriously impacting our children.
Less time is spent outdoors, more time with electronic technology, little free and unstructured time, and even a 30% decrease in bicycle riding!

Well-intending parents can drive themselves literally in circles to take their children to and from school, after school activities, sports events, dance class, clubs, church and social events. Things are out of balance.

Children have less free time. Their lives are structured, organized, and timed nearly to the minute. When they are at home, and could be playing (outdoors ideally), they are often tied to electronic umbilical chords. Technology alone is really not the culprit or our worst enemy.

Basic finding: Children are smarter, more cooperative, happier and healthier when they have frequent and varied opportunities for unstructured play in the outdoors.

Here are some ideas for your younger children: outdoor playsets, outside playground equipmentwood play sets

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