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“Nature-Smart” Kids Get Higher Test Scores on their APIs.

The American Institutes for Research® has conducted a study recently, submitted to the California Department of Education, on the impact of residential outdoor education programs. The focus was on at-risk youth, 56% of whom reported never having spent time in a natural setting. Comparing the impact on students who experienced the outdoor education program versus those in a control group who had not had the outdoor learning experience, results were statistically significant. Major findings were: 27% increase in measured mastery of science concepts; enhanced cooperation and conflict resolution skills; gains in self- esteem; gains in positive environmental behavior; and gains in problem-solving, motivation to learn, and classroom behavior. (Original Research)

Also recommended is regular play time on outside playground equipment and outdoor playsets.

“Effects of Outdoor Education Programs for Children in California.” American Institutes for Research: Palo Alto, CA: 2005. Available on the Sierra Club web site. http://www.sierraclub.org/youth/california/outdoorschool_finalreport.pdf

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