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Smarter backyard playtime

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Alot of us are lucky enough to have fond childhood memories of the next-door-neighbor who had the nicest backyard swing set in town, with multiple forts, a spiral slide, glider swings and a rope ladder. Or maybe you (like me) grew up playing on a cheap metal swing set (that wasn’t even anchored properly) – you know the type – where the legs would tip up out of the ground when you swung too high – thrilling you, but worrying your parents. Whatever experience you remember, backyard play sets do provide hours of fun for kids, and often becomes a neighborhood refuge for playtime.  I …

In Montana, No child is left inside

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Look at this License Plate Now Available to Montana Residents!  “No Child Left Inside” National Wildlife Federation – September 25, 2012 Our children spend more than 50 hours a week indoors in front of electronic devices. That’s equivalent to a full-time job with 2 hours of five days’ over time! For just one day, turn off the TV and computer, unplug video games, leave your phone at home and go outside. Studies are consistently revealing that children who spend more time outside have better overall fitness, better eyesight, less stress, less depression, better grades, and a heightened awareness of the natural world. …

Higher API-s

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“Nature-Smart” Kids Get Higher Test Scores on their APIs. The American Institutes for Research® has conducted a study recently, submitted to the California Department of Education, on the impact of residential outdoor education programs. The focus was on at-risk youth, 56% of whom reported never having spent time in a natural setting. Comparing the impact on students who experienced the outdoor education program versus those in a control group who had not had the outdoor learning experience, results were statistically significant. Major findings were: 27% increase in measured mastery of science concepts; enhanced cooperation and conflict resolution skills; gains in …

Benefits to their health, & yours

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In examination of the relationship between children’s outdoor behavior and contact with nature along with their physical, mental, and social health and well-being, a recent research study reveals the bottom line : Physical activity and exposure to nature are fundamental to good health Author Affiliation: Jules Pretty is with the University of Essex in the UK: Pretty, J., Angus, C., Bain, M., Barton, J., Gladwell, V., Hine, R., et al. (2009). Outdoor playsets and outside playground equipment availability helps a lot! Nature, childhood, health and life pathways: University of Essex. In this review, Pretty and colleagues examine the role of physical activity and exposure to nature …

The Great Skye Series Play Sets

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Introducing New Play Sets for 2013 by Gorilla Playsets & Outside Playground Equipment: The GREAT SKYE series has SunBrella Awnings included to protect your kids from the Sun UV rays – while lowering the price for your family budget!  From Gorilla Outdoor Playsets – GREAT SKYE II  –  Price Includes Shipping Costs !! These outdoor play sets are one of the best kids playsets of the best outdoor playsets in the residential Outdoor Playground Equipment category, made exclusively by Gorilla Playsets !! This new 2013 MEGA-FUN outdoor playset is among the best of residential playgrounds / swing sets category! The Great Skye II has added features and details, for added space to play! It has …

Favorite play sets for your kids

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From Gorilla Play Sets & Backyard Play Sets  – TREASURE TROVE – These outdoor playsets are among the best outdoor playsets in the Outside Playground Equipment category made by Gorilla Outdoor Playsets ! Playsets Outdoor – TREASURE TROVE – Premium Features Include : 1st Level Platform – 5’ x 5’ Height – 5’ 2nd Level Platform – 2.5’ x 5’ Height – 7’ Clatter Bridge and Tower Safe Entry Ladder Extreme Wave Slide Radical Ride Tube Slide Swing Beam Positions – 3 Swing Belts – 2 Trapeze Swing Glider Swing (Bonus Item) Rock Wall with Climbing Rope Deluxe Rope Ladder Large Picnic Table Sandbox with Mesh Sandbox Cover Bonus Sandbox under Tower Steering Wheel, 2 Telescopes, …

Do You Need a Fall Surface Under Play Sets?

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Here’s a questions often raised regarding installing outdoor playsets: “Do we  really need to put a fall surface under outdoor play sets? I have several friends who just have their play sets installed directly on the grass in the backyard.” Installing additional padding under your play sets might seem like a costly waste.  After all, sand, pea gravel, various mulches, and rubber padding can really add up and put an extra dent in your wallet that you may not have budgeted for. A fall surface is simple insurance.  Of course, some people don’t use it, and by sheer luck, no …

Residential outside playground equipment

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Welcome to Dayton Global Enterprises, Certified Dealer of backyard play sets specializing in Gorilla Playsets and Gorilla outdoor play systems. For over 20 years Gorilla outdoor playsets have been providing safe and exciting backyard playsets for family residential backyard playgrounds. Our extensive outdoor playset equipment ranges include both wood play sets suitable for toddlers,  as well middle school through to teenagers. Fast shipping on premium wood playsets and swing set accessories. These wood playset kits are the safest and best valued, ready to assemble swing sets available,  on the market today! Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

Playsets Outdoor backyard playsets

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At www.DAYGLOENTER.com all of our Gorilla Outdoor Playsets meet or exceeds ASTM safety standards (for backyard residential use only, not approved for use in public settings). These Ready-To-Assemble kits from Gorilla Playsets include all pre-cut premium stained lumber, hardware and full instructions for a complete at-home installation. Our play sets towers add style and decor to any backyard with unique wooden roof or Sunbrella awnings. The Slides comes with an excellent warranty for endless fun. Some playsets evenhave upper and lower decks offering double the coverage for play space The playsets with extra wide rock walls will help your kids …

How To Find the best outdoor playsets

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Simply paste either (or both) of the following (search criteria) into your GOOGLE search bar: gorilla playsets site:www.daygloenter.com gorilla playsets site:www.daygloenterblog.com And VOILA  … You will find relevant specials pertinent to your search for the best kids outdoor playsets – mostly from Gorilla Outdoor Playsets.  Gorilla Playsets is famous for its high quality pre-assembled outdoor play sets kits.  These outdoor playsets kits are only available online :   WWW.DAYGLOENTER.COM is a small family owned and run business (… & we have six adopted kids – ages 12 to 3 …) – so forget about the BIG TICKET – Big Box retailers – …