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Speed is not just Sandra’s break-out movie

No Comments 31 Dec 8:42 am Author: Richard Category:Best Outdoor, Golf Greens

Which is more important in golf putting: Speed or break? Of course being great at both is the goal, but the greatest golfers usually go on the record saying that speed is the more important of the two. If your putting speed is strong and fast, then there’s a greater likelihood that the ball will make the hole. With speed control, you ought at least to be left with a manageable second put when the first one doesn’t go in the hole. However if your speed is off, you’ll come up short and balls left short never go in the hole …

Feel good

No Comments 7 Jun 10:20 am Author: Richard Category:Best Outdoor, Golf Greens, Outdoor Sports and Camping

Golf Putting is said to be a game of  feel & visualization.  Therefore it’s really  important that you work to heighten your senses when practicing your short game. Here’s a surprising think-outside-of-the-box idea:  Take away the visual element for a few minutes and putt with your eyes closed. Did you like this? Share it:Tweet