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Bi-Moto Style

No Comments 8 Sep 8:50 am Author: Richard Category:Best Outdoor, Golf Greens

Being unconventional myself I found this unconventional approach to perfecting your putting technique interesting.  It’s actually alot of fun as it thinks outside the box – which I always appreciate: Take a look.    http://www.motodom.com/BiMoto_tips.html This method is especially great for beginners because  … “it is designed especially as a life-saver for all new players to use with confidence”. While you’re considering this approach also take a look at some outstanding backyard putting green kits. Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

Practice drill for off-season and at home

No Comments 28 Aug 9:29 am Author: Richard Category:Best Outdoor, Golf Greens

Fall fades to winter fast so as we transition into the midwest and east coast reality of honest to God weather, and waiting to play golf again next spring, there’s a real opportunity (especially for those of you who live in the colder climates, plus those of you who get home from work too late to get out to the course for practice), to practice on your putting stroke in the comfort of a your home putting green. A lot of golfers do not  want to make a change to their putting stroke during golf  season in case it ruins …

Games for your kids

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A fun way for kids to learn more about the game of golf while developing useful skills is to play golf putting games. In this way,  your children an develop an interest in the game … without pressure. Golf Putting Games can be played outside on a golf course — or even inside on a computer, or better yet — on indoor outdoor putting greens – wherever they might be. Here’s an idea which has been used for a birthday parties or any play date get-together: Build a miniature golf course in your backyard. Common household items can be used …

Feel good

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Golf Putting is said to be a game of  feel & visualization.  Therefore it’s really  important that you work to heighten your senses when practicing your short game. Here’s a surprising think-outside-of-the-box idea:  Take away the visual element for a few minutes and putt with your eyes closed. Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

Indoor putting exercises

No Comments 31 May 10:21 am Author: Richard Category:Best Outdoor, Golf Greens

Indoor putting practice drills do not always need to be about stroking a ball into a drink glass.  Your putting skills would be well served to add some exercises that hone your perceptual skills and specific stroke movements. During the off-season, in fact all throughout the year, many golfers want exercises or  drills to refine or sustain their putting skills. Obviously, you are pretty limited indoors by space limitations and also by the nature of a typical indoors surface (carpet, hardwood, stone, i.e. no breaks). Still, if you focus on perceptual and movement skills that are essential to golf, you …