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In Montana, No child is left inside

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Look at this License Plate Now Available to Montana Residents!  “No Child Left Inside” National Wildlife Federation – September 25, 2012 Our children spend more than 50 hours a week indoors in front of electronic devices. That’s equivalent to a full-time job with 2 hours of five days’ over time! For just one day, turn off the TV and computer, unplug video games, leave your phone at home and go outside. Studies are consistently revealing that children who spend more time outside have better overall fitness, better eyesight, less stress, less depression, better grades, and a heightened awareness of the natural world. …

Encourage them

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Ever since my husband and I bought one of these Gorilla outdoor playsets, our four boys have become more physically active.  We really liked it because this outdoor playset has encouraged them get active and not just sit and watch anything on our HD TV. The outdoor playset that we bought from Gorilla Outdoor Playsets was the BIG SKYE II model.  We also considered the WOODBRIDGE as well as the TREASURE TROVE and the new SUNB CLIMBER models.  We loved the introduction of the SunBrella UV protecting awnings! There are so many Gorilla Swing Sets and outdoor playground equipment to …

Parents invest in happiness

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What would you get for your kids that promotes good physical activity, keeps them in the backyard, is entertaining and diverts them from watching TV all day?                                       Great Outdoor Playsets for your Kids! We have over 15 select models to choose – ranging From a simple swing set to large multi-station play systems. For example:   The Big Sky II Gorilla Outdoor Playset features the most popular items that kids love! Two swings, safely mounted are the most popular, followed by …

Keep hope alive.

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The Danish Society for Nature Conservation …observed in their survey of 2,000 Danes… that: 59 per cent of grandparents reported daily visits to a natural setting during the summer as children, as compared to… 26 per cent of children today report visiting a natural setting every day …. Also, four hundred German and Lithuanian high school students participated in research that found “children’s emotional affinity towards nature was a significant predictor of children’s willingness for pro-environmental commitment.” While, for 98 per cent of Australian children, watching TV or videos out of school hours remains the most common recreational activity of …

Water balloon toss

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Can you think of any better way for your kids to cool down on a hot sunny day than with an outdoor party game that gets them soaking wet ? The object of this particular party game is to catch the water balloons … without popping them.  Having a water filled balloon burst in your hands is also really fun… and may end up seeming to be their key motivation. All you’ll need: More than 3 water-filled balloons Rules – How to play: Have the children pair-up  to form a line then have each pair stand a couple of feet …

Old-school summer game fun

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Here’s an old-school game which your kids can elaborate upon to make it their own. Four Square: This is a basic ball game played on a square court divided into four smaller squares, numbered one through four. One player stands in each of the squares, with the highest ranked player in number one, lowest in number four. You start by bouncing a ball among the players.  Basically you bounce once in the other person’s square before that person can catch it. Your kids can add countless additional rules. The person in square one usually gets to choose the rules. Anyone …

Quotes of note

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Need justification of outdoor play & your little one’s backyard playground equipment? “Without continuous hands-on experience, it is impossible for children to acquire a deep intuitive understanding of the natural world that is the foundation of sustainable development. ….A critical aspect of the present-day crisis in education is that children are becoming separated from daily experience of the natural world, especially in larger cities.” – Quote from Natural Learning, Creating Environments for Rediscovering Nature’s Way of Teaching, Robin C. Moore and Herb H. Wong “As a child, one has that magical capacity to move among the many eras of the earth; …

The Basic Variety is here

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DayGloEnter.com has the best backyard playground equipment options that you will really need to make your kids’ backyard play even more fun! So take a few minutes to explore our excellent selection of playsets featuring an excellent variety of options along with a range in pricings which include outdoor playsets, swing sets, and playhouses.  All are available right here online. We’re a small business who cares and will commit to bring you all the basic outdoor play equipment you want — at excellent savings. Find your family’s great outdoor fun at great prices with DayGloEnter.com Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

Affordable Wood Outdoor Playsets

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Wooden Swing Sets at Affordable Prices Gorilla™ ready-to-assemble swing sets are designed for quick assembly. These swing sets are economically priced, pre-boxed and ready to assemble. Their “T-nut” construction makes home assembly simple and safe using common household tools. These wooden outdoor playsets include all pre-cut, pre-sanded and pre-drilled lumber as well as all the required hardware, accessories,  with well written, detailed instructions in order to assemble the unit quickly.  Your Gorilla™ play set will arrive ready to assemble. The assembly instructions include a step-by-step 3-D illustrations. These are noted as the Best-Valued Pre-Boxed, Pre-Milled Wooden Swing Sets in the Marketplace.. …

Shouldn’t good be better

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Playing outside is an invaluable activity for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, grade schoolers, not to mention teens and even young adults. Babies, toddlers and preschoolers’ healthy development is essentially based upon sensory-motor skills. Besides the obvious health benefits, as kids grow up, playing outside will encourage thinking – as well as their curiosity – which is then followed naturally with concrete knowledge. Children need to develop their coordination, and in order to accomplish excellent coordination they require a chance to practice and master basic physical skills. Outdoor play also allows kids to make noise and move about with greater freedom. These …