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It’s Warm Outside!

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Have a backyard party for your kids and include outdoor playsets and outside playground equipment to expand your options. You don’t need a pool or even a water slide for warm weather fun. A lawn sprinkler and someone to supervise its  water faucet. Ages Sprinkler games are simple fun for kids of all ages. How to Play One person is “it” and controls the water faucet. The children just play around the water sprinkler. When “it” turns on the sprinkler, everyone must freeze and get sprinkled on until “it” turns the water off. The last person to move gets to be “it.” Variations If the children are …

How to find play sets

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We promise that you’ll discover affordable specials pertinent to your search for the best kids outdoor playsets – which happen to be mostly from Gorilla Outdoor Playsets.   Gorilla Playsets is famous for its high quality pre-assembled playset kits.  These kits are only available online :   WWW.DAYGLOENTER.COM is a small family owned and run business (… & we have six adopted kids – ages 12 to 3 …) – so forget about the BIG TICKET retailers – we provide the LOWEST prices with LOW FLAT SHIPPING included and FREE SHIPPING, when we can afford it … so please give us chance to make you a happier …