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Target practice but no gun!

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Here’s a putting drill that’s  alot like a game of darts. Cut out three circles from paper. The smallest one would approximate the size of a golf hole, the second about 2 to 3 times larger, and the third about 2 to 3 times larger than the second . Place these circles on the floor, creating targets, and assign points for each one. The center circle is 10 points, the second circle is 5, while the outer most circle is 2.  Take 10 putts and see what kind of score you get.  Btw a score of 70 – 90 is …

A Fun Golf Putting Game

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 HORSE: Putting Version  Play — This putting game is perfect for a backyard putting green and is played like the basketball game version call “HORSE”:  That is, Horsie Putt-Putt is played around the target, in this case the hole (or in the case of basketball. a hoop). The last winner selects the spot to putt from in backyard golf greens. Scoring When you get beaten at a hole, you get one more letter in HORSE (…or choose your own word…) If more than one person ties for best score, those with anything better get another letter. The objective is that you try …